Social Consulting Projects

Our social consulting projects allow us to act directly upon social organizations, namely on management topics aiming at identifying improvement opportunities and fostering the social impact of these organizations.

Each project responds to the specific needs of a specific organization but all lessons learned are coded and shared with the sector. Our direct work at these organizations is concluded only when there is the guaranty of improvement and impact generation.

The implementation of the identified recommendations is a crucial phase of the project. We closely follow up the organizations and ensure that the changes are executed in an integrated way not affecting the organization’s activity.

Inválidos do Comércio (private institution of social solidarity)

Supporting in the design of the estate management model as well as in the design of the business model of the institution

Centro Social e Paroquial S.João das Lampas (Social and Parish Center of S. João das Lampas)

Identifying and assessing possible social businesses as well as the institution’s sustainability model

Centro Paroquial do Estoril (Parish Center of Estoril)

Supporting in the strategic design of the Center

Fundação Portuguesa para o Estudo e Tratamento da Toxicodependência (Portuguese Foundation for the Study and Treatment of Drug Addiction)

Supporting in the strategic design of the Foundation by reassessing its sustainability model