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Programa GQ procura voluntários

Impact on the 3rd sector

This year we have reinforced our presence in the 3rd sector by increasing the number of organizations involved in the GQ Program, by producing videos to support online training, and by developing our social management consulting area.

December 2013
Programa GQ procura voluntários

GQ Program is looking for volunteers

The Manuel Violante Foundation is still looking for volunteers within the scope of the GQ Program. For more information please visit the site of the Social Management Academy.

December 2013
Clube PHDA


In September 2013 the PHDA Club was launched; a program designed by the Neurodevelopment unit of the Cuf Descobertas Hospital with the support of the Foundation. This is an integrated program for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); it is free of charge and can be accessed at

Article in Boas Notícias
September 2013
Portugal: Dívida Pública e Défice Democrático

“Portugal: Pública Dívida e Défice Democrático” (Portugal: Public Debt and Democratic Deficit) awarded the “Melhor Livro de Economia e Gestão 2012” (Best Book of Economy and Management 2012) award of Económico newspaper

The "Melhor Livro de Economia e Gestão do Ano" is an initiative by Diário Económico, in partnership with BES and the Manuel Violante Foundation, with the institutional support of the NOVAFRICA center and Grémio Literário.

June 2013
Quality Management Program website

Launch of the Quality Management Program website

"By the end of 2012, the website of GQ Program was launched, allowing social institutions and volunteers involved in the Program to obtain detailed information on the Program. The launch of the website will allow institutions countrywide to access excellence training in the area of quality management."

December 2012
McKinsey joins Primus Inter Pares

McKinsey joins Primus Inter Pares

"Primus Inter Pares Award (PPIP), an initiative by Santander Totta and Expresso, counts from now on with the partnership of McKinsey, via the Manuel Violante Foundation."

March 06, 2010 Source: OJE

McKinsey supports the selection of talents

"The partnership is established via the Manuel Violante Foundation that will sponsor and help promote Primus."

March 06, 2010 Source: Expresso